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What should I do if I have bad breath?

Bad Breath is usually caused by sulfur compounds imbedded on the surface of the tongue and area’s of the gum tissue. Diligent brushing of the teeth and tongue surfaces is recommended twice daily, accompanied with daily flossing. Our office also utilizes customized products to address patients with bad breath issues.


Are silver fillings safe?

According to the CDC the old silver fillings are considered safe and not a health concern. However, the placement of tooth colored composite filling (replacing old silver fillings) is one of the most common dental procedures in our office. We believe composite or porcelain restorations are a better and healthier choice over silver fillings which utilize potentially harmful metals such as zinc, copper, nickel and mercury.


How often should I have a dental exam?

Our office recommends patients should have a professional cleaning and exam two times a year, with limited X-rays once a year.


How can I tell if I have gingivitis or periodontitis(Gum Disease)?

Excessive bleeding during brushing usually indicates gingivitis and chronic localized swelling of the gum tissue may be an indication of the more serious condition of periodontitis.


How can cosmetic dentistry help improve the appearance of my smile?

With the utilization of cosmetic bleaching, yellowed and discolored teeth can be improved to a drastically whiter shade. Ceramic crowns and veneers can create symmetrical smile lines, straighten crooked teeth and close spaces.


How does professional teeth whitening work? Is it safe?

A dentist supervised teeth whitening system called ZOOM! Is utilized in our office and is considered to provided the safest cosmetic bleaching treatment. Chair side teeth whitening procedures are preformed using a specially formulated peroxide gel that reacts with oxygen and a light source that permeates your enamel, removing stains and whitening the teeth. The structure of the enamel is not affected, and the most common side effect is temporary tooth sensitivity.


What is sedation dentistry? Can it help me?

Some patients have severe anxiety toward dental treatment, most caused as a result of a previous negative experience. Sedation dentistry involves the use of sedative drugs so that patients who fear dental work can avoid the anxiety and apprehension associated with dental visits. With sedation dentistry, the patients take a pill about one hour before the appointment, enabling the patient to arrive at our office relaxed and able to undergo treatment without pain or fear.


What are the causes of bruxism (teeth grinding)? How can it be treated?

Teeth grinding can be the result of many factors, both emotional and physical factors are involved. Much of the actual grinding occurs at night when subconscious factors are in control. Factors such as stress, sleep disorders, abnormal bite, crooked and missing teeth also contribute to grinding. Once the cause of bruxism is determined many treatment methods are utilized: Fabrication of a acrylic custom occlusal guard. Physical Therapy Anti-Inflammatory Relaxation Techniques Bruxism can result in serious damage to tooth structure, requiring major reconstruction and rehabilitation of the patients bite. Headaches and jaw pain can also occur as a result of TMJ dysfunction, due to displacement of the patients lower jaw.


How can I finance my general, cosmetic and restorative dental treatments?

Dr. Malinconico offers an array of payment and financing options. This allows patients to spread the cost of procedures, whether general or cosmetic dentistry, over time. We accept most insurance plans and payment through a variety of other methods.


Do you offer free consultations?

Yes. A one on one consultation is the most ideal introduction to our office and staff. Contact our practice today to schedule your initial free consultation.


When should my child be seen by the dentist?

General, preventive dentistry should start early. Ideally a child’s first appointment should take place between 12 months to 24 months of age. This time frame is a generalization, since each child’s demeanor varies. We make any child’s initial visit friendly and always fun, to reinforce a positive dental experience. Professional cleaning, examination and fluoride treatments administered by a dentist are critical in establishing good hygiene and maintaining a healthy dentition.


If I was missing one or more teeth what are my options?

Today, patients have many options for replacing missing teeth. Dental bridges, full and partial dentures and dental implants, are all routinely utilized for restoring a patients dentition. If a tooth or several teeth have been lost, it is critical that the space is restored. Adjacent teeth can shift into a space created by a lost tooth, also a missing tooth can lead to bone loss, eating difficulties and reduced overall function. Modern dental restoration can create beautiful smiles along with ideal function. Contact our office for a consultation to learn more about your options for tooth replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

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